Great assignments and skilled interim managers attract each other

Over the years, we have completed a large number of assignments and attracted many skilled interim managers. In our network and in our database we have in most cases several candidates to present immediately.

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As a specialist in interim, we find the best candidates on the market

We know how important it is to find an interim manager with the right industry experience. Regardless of the challenge, we can successfully provide you with quick access to the right interim manager for your needs.

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The ability to find the right candidate requires experience & deep knowledge of the industry.

Other rules.

In our niche world of interim management the rules are different from regular recruitment. Quick placements of a suitable candidate with right industry experience requires, in addition to an extensive database of current candidates, the ability to reach wide with search and knowledge of how to find the best talent.
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Why Brightmill?

We know that the best candidates appreciate a relevant and effective assessment process specifically adapted for interim management because it creates the conditions for a successful and challenging assignment.

We at Brightmill have senior recruiters with many years of experience in competency-based recruitment in interim management and we have a solid process to assess both the assignments and candidates. This means we can provide you with highly skilled interim managers and solid methods to match them with your needs. This is one of the reasons why we have 96% customer satisfaction.
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What skills do you need?

We have experience to fill interim roles in the most unlikely assignments, but most assignments relate to any of the competence areas you see here. To find out more about the area that is relevant for your, please click “Read More”.

Feel free to contact us if you have other needs, we have surprised many times before!

General Management


We have extensive experience in recruiting for interim and can take on the most challenging assignments. This allows us to find the very best candidates on the market.

Sales & Marketing

The interim managers we provide consistently receive high marks in evaluations from our clients.

IT & Technology

Production & Supply Chain

You're in good company. Some of our clients:

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